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Lovesphere After Hours

Because sex isn't everything, apparently.

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Created on 2010-05-30 18:44:42 (#519482), last updated 2010-06-03 (380 weeks ago)

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Name:Lovesphere After Hours
Posting Access:Anybody
Community description:Lovesphere's less smutty sister community - an open dressing room for CR/crack
The eventual future home of the Lovesphere After Hours comm - a place where Lovesphere members and their less pervy friends can play in an open DR environment.

Anticipated launch date: June 10th
subject to change without notice.


1. Players of all ages welcome.

2. Characters of all ages welcome.

3. Any romantic/sexual activity that would be rated above PG-13 in a movie must be moved to [community profile] lovesphere and must abide the rules of that community when it is posted.

4. Any excessively violent or disturbing content (again, above PG-13) should be f-cut in posts and noted in an OOC note on the post if it's expected to come up in threads.

5. Posts and threads that break rule 3 or 4 will get a single warning, a general indication of offense (i.e. "excessively sexual content" or "needs f-cut and ooc note") and twelve hours to change any offending content. The mods will NOT point you to specific tags, threads, or offenses. It's up to you to find them. Posts and threads that still have offensive/rulebreaking content after the warning and waiting period: will be deleted.

6. Please keep in mind that this is an all-ages DR that is an offshoot of a sex DR. While rules 3, 4, and 5 will be enforced, expect salty language, nasty situations, and politically incorrect ideas to come up in posts. If you have a serious problem with something that has been done or said in a thread, send a message to the mods for review. But don't expect anything to happen unless rules 3 or 4 are clearly broken.

7. Be polite to other players. Trolls will be banned from the comm on first offense.
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